Out of the many questions we get asked, this is a biggie. People are super convinced that I abandoned all healthy lifestyle choices when we moved into our van. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Living in the van actually simplified eating THAT much more and I’m so stoked that I get to continue my healthy lifestyle everywhere I am. Including a tiny 80 square foot home on wheels.

Here are my top tips for healthy eating on the road:

  1. Get a fridge. We lived in our van for the first 6 months with a cooler and IT SUCKED. The ice melted fast, our food went bad and since we don’t use plastic, our almond milk ended up bathing the rest of our food because the cardboard containers disintegrated haha.
  2. Hit up local farmers markets wherever you are. One, that’s a fantastic way to eat seasonal and local food (crucial for optimal health and circadian biology). Two, you experience new foods and support local. Three, you restock every week on new living food vs. having tons of junk food in the van.
  3. Get a Thrive Market membership. You can choose monthly, a three month or an annual membership. They are basically an online Whole Foods with dang good prices. The most difficult about this is finding a place for them to ship it but I do it so, you can too.
  4. Make meals from scratch! This is so fun and a great way to enjoy your tiny kitchen. Whip up what you found at the farmers market into a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. My favorite meals are a breakfast hash, beef and broccoli bowl, vegetable chicken stir fry, yogurt parfait and whatever else I throw in the cast iron.

See, it’s super easy to eat well on the road. You don’t have to live off ramen and chips, promise! We also have our oven/stove in the van that is a game changer. We use it daily.

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