A common question we get asked is “how the heck do you make money living on the road full time?”. It might seem crazy but it’s possible and we do just that.

Here are the ways we make money on the road:

  1. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and work 1:1 with clients and have my own e-products on my website Simplholistic
  2. Tommy is a videographer and he creates marketing content for brands and businesses (for social media, email marketing, promotions and other needs)
  3. I am a photographer and create visual marketing content for wellness and do-good brands like all the brands on our portfolio section
  4. I work with brands as an “influencer” and share my favorite wellness and sustainable products with my audience if it fits and reaches my brand standards. I say no to 99% of brands who reach out to me because they simply don’t fit!
  5. Affiliate marketing is the last way we make money on the road. If I share a product with you that I LOVE the crap out of and you click through my link, I get a small % back. Think of it like a commission. It’s simply the brand thanking me for sharing what’s good.

There are several ways to make money on the road from being an online tutor to running your own Etsy shop to being a remote employee of a company. It’s becoming more common. Hey, you can even ask your employer if your position would be available to you remotely! It’s worth a shot.

I hope this helped you in some way. Feel free to ask any questions below. See you next week!

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